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These are my starting prices for my commissions. All prices are displayed in SEK (swedish krona). Paypal can convert currencies. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the commission. I reserve the right to change my prices at any time without further notice. Fursuits and kigurumis have their own opening dates. These prices does not include any shipping prices.

I make everything from fursuits, accessories, fleece hats, digital and traditional art, dice bags, kigurumis and more. You can see some of my previous work here or on my Instagram. If you can’t find a price for something specific, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask about it.

Please read my terms of service before requesting a quote.

Terms of service


Prices are calculated for a simple character design with 2 colors. I do not offer full body suits.
Read more about how to order a partial suit here.
Head Toony fursuit head made from skratch using safe craft foam. I make no moving jaws. from 4900 SEK
Sleeves Sleeves connected with an elastic band. You wear the band under a T-shirt. from 1200 SEK
Wing Sleeves Depending on size, design and how you want the wings to look the price may vary a lot. I make my wing sleeves with high quality faux fur and fleece. from 1300 SEK
Hand paws I can make almost any type of paws or claws. I mostly work with materials such as faux fur, fleece and minky. You can choose to have either minky or fleece claws/paw pads. from 1050 SEK
Feet paws Can be used outdoor for short walks (I do not recommend using them while its raining or snowing). These have solid black plastic soles and no paw pads. from 1900 SEK
Sock paws Soft feet paws made of faux fur and/or fleece. They have paw pads/sole made of faux leather (even if you don't have paw pads on your character I recommend having some kind of sole of faux lether so you don't slip as much). For indoor use only! from 1950 SEK
Tail Bunny tails, fox, wolf, dragon etc. All made with faux fur or fleece. The price vary depending on design and lenght of the tail. from 800 SEK


Prices are calculated for a simple character design with 2 colors.
Read more about how to order a custom kigurumi here.
Custom Kigurumi A onesie made with soft fleece. It has two big pockets and a large hood. Your price may vary depending on the complexity of the character such as wings, lots of stripes or embroidery on it. from 2100 SEK

Art pieces and other custom crafts

I no longer have prices for these types of commissions on my websit since I will focus more on working with fursuits and kigurumis. I can still do custom crafts and art for you, just send me a email and we can talk about what you are interested in and the price.

If you are looking for something smaller as a gift for a friend or something for yourself, check out my Etsy shop.