Workshop will be closed between 11-24 october. Moving to a new appartment

Swedish Freelance Artist

Handmade arts and crafts

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Upcoming Events

Events and conventions I will be attending.
I sell my crafts and art at events marked with a star

NärCon Summer 2022

28 - 31 JULY 2022
Linköping, Sweden

ComicCon STKLM 2021

5 - 7 NOV 2021
Kista, Sweden

NärCon Sommar 2021

29 JUL - 1 AUG 2021
Linköping, Sweden

Black Sticky Freelance Artist from Sweden

​I call myself Black Sticky I’m a freelance artist from Uppsala, Sweden. I ​love to draw and craft all kinds of stuff.

I sell things I make to get some gold coins in my pocket. I often participate in NärCon's Artist Ally and Nordic FuzzCon's Dealers Den. You can check out wich events I'm going to attend here.

When I'm not crafting I'm either drinking coffee or watching Netflix.

I love everything spooky especially skulls and bones. ♡ And I have my own fantasy species called Skullzters. Find out more about Skullzters here.

Read more about Black Sticky and what I do here. Also you can check out some of my previous work here.